Renowned for his creativity and consistency in developing young minds in the business world and the real estate industry in particular, Stephen Akintayo, MD/CEO, Gtext Homes, was recently awarded a Doctor of Science, D.Sc (Honoris Causal) in Real Estate Development and Corporate Leadership by the European American University. Over the years, Akintayo successfully led Gtext Homes, one of Nigeria’s most innovative creative real estate company, into a global brand.
Having devoted years to the advancement of the real estate and the digital marketing space in Nigeria, it is expected that Akintayo will use his newly acquired position as a Doctor of Science in real estate development to further transform the Nigerian real estate sector, especially on a global stage.
“It is not easy to be honoured by your peers; our generation needs a lot of young people to rise up. I think we have complained too much; our parents were the problem, the leaders were the problem, everybody is the problem except us. I think it is time for us to rise up and face the challenges of this country and find a way out,” said Akintayo, in acceptance of the award.

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